tappet adjustment

Excaliburs, New Yorks

tappet adjustment

Postby harry69koi » 26 Jun 2006 17:02

Can someone please help me here as im getting confused as hell :shock:

Firstly ill describe whats happening......

from cold my 501 excalibur sounds sweet(she should do as she`s only done 8000 miles) :shock:
But once everything is up to temp there is this tinny knocking noise coming from i believe the front cylinder :shock: Under de acceleration this seems to dissappear? but when you wind on the throttle you can hear it clear as day?

Anyone got ANY :shock: :shock: idea`s what it could be? I thought about the tappets?

If anyone as a how to on how to adjust the tappets i would be most gratefull :D Ta lee
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