I've gone over to the dark side!

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I've gone over to the dark side!

Postby George 350 » 03 May 2019 22:08

Hi all,
The choice of a new bike is a complex thing isn't it.
Me? I have to say I don't like lots of today's offerings with their plastic cladding, 'melted' headlamps (you know, the ones that look like they started off round but then went 10 rounds with a blow lamp...) exhausts designed to burn your ass and the proportions that make them look like they have run into a wall? Yes, I like traditional styling.In addition, they must also be fun at the national speed limits.
Having retired recently I decided to treat myself to a new bike to complement the 3 1/2's. But what to get? Japanese? Nothing there. Italian? Nope. Far too expensive for me to justify and with very few exceptions they don't pass my 'looks' requirements.
Same with BMW or KTM. Triumph? A lot of money again. American? No Way!
Then I saw the first pictures of the Royal Enfield Continental 650 twin and I was smitten. The subsequent road tests said 'good's so that was it - a deposit was placed last September.
Fast forward to March 1st and I took delivery of my first brand new bike in 41years.
Sooo, what's it like? Simple answer is it feels, sounds, goes and rides like a 500 Morini but with more mid range and mod cons, And at £6000 all in, it is remarkably good value.
So, if you are looking for an additional bike to complement your 3 1/2 but like me don't like the modern 'styling' or cost of most new bikes, then seek one out for a test ride- they are definitely not your Grandads' Royal Enfield!
Regards to you all,
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Re: I've gone over to the dark side!

Postby Steve Brown » 03 May 2019 22:58

I approve of your choice! Those 650's would have been on my shopping list when I took my retirement-if they had been advertised back then (2016/17)
So I got all sensible and bought a Honda. It does all of the things you wanted but it doesn't fit the aesthetics bill quite so well. I've spent my money and so I'll live with it, the depreciation of new bikes is enough to stop me changing it. Happily I still feel it fits the riding bill and that is to be my one bike to rely on when the classics are in strop mode. You always know it will be ready and willing at the simple push of a button even if you've ignored it for weeks
(it is a Honda after all) and it means I can keep the character bikes away from salt and winter road crud.
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Re: I've gone over to the dark side!

Postby Daddy Dom » 03 May 2019 23:40

I've always loved the original and think RE has done a really clever thing with these new ones, great stuff! I hope it's louder than new Bonnies?
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Re: I've gone over to the dark side!

Postby MickeyMoto » 04 May 2019 05:07

Styling, ride, price. What else? Designed and engineered in Britain, too. What can go wrong? :) I think RE will sell plenty.

DD, the latest Bonnies are louder. The water jacket means the exhausts can make a bit more noise, and being, like the RE, a 270 degree crank, sound like a v twin!
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