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Postby pedro » 14 Jun 2018 20:55

Is it just me? I am seemingly unable to sign in to the members area, it just tells me that my connection to this site is not private and won't allow me past that. Is there a problem or is it my computer?
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Re: Members areas

Postby morini_tom » 15 Jun 2018 21:44

Hi Pedro,

Its your computer trying to look after you on the internet. Most of the time you want to be using a secure connection (https etc) when entering login details online (loging into your bank or email account for example). The members area doesn’t need that level of security.

Normally you would get the option to continue despite the non private connection. Does your browser not give you the option to view information, or ‘I understand the risks, continue’ ?

If you can’t find a way in then please send me a private message or an email with a bit more info (screenshot of the measage you get, details of your web browser etc) and I will look into it further.

Best regards,
Tom (replace AT with @)
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