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Re: Welcome new forum members - introduce yourself

Postby mbmm350s » 04 Oct 2019 08:54

Hi Barry,
Welcome to the forum.
Very very nice. 250 2C the best!
We have in our family a 250 2C since 1993, now its done 69K miles.

It needs a set of tyres. A search here seems to suggest Avon RoadRiders, or Bridgestone BT45.

Metzeler ME22 front 2.75x18 rear 3.25x18
Please please don't go larger it wont help. 250 2C works best with narrow tyres.

I was hoping to get a more original seat cover, which is why I was wondering if the 350 is the same size.

Different size to 350 . Original covers are available from Mdina Italia, however I am sure that is not the original seat, or it has been modified.

Original Grimeca master cylinder has mirror mount its M10x1.25

If you have the unbranded pattern black indicators (as sold by Gutsibits) then use a large o.d. washer (or mating nordlock/serrated style) to ensure its all clamped up or they rattle loose very quickly.

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Re: Welcome new forum members - introduce yourself

Postby BarryCambs » 04 Oct 2019 10:56

Hi Mark

Looking at Google images, I think you are right about the seat, as they do seem to have the hump at the back. The base and fitting looked right, so I think someone might have trimmed off the foam to fit a generic cover which is a bit of a pain.

I'll go with the Metzelers then. Don't worry about me trying oversize tyres - people have been trying to go down that route with the Guzzi's for years!

I got pattern indicators from Paddy Ducati and they look fine. I need to make up the stems and I see the originals have lock nuts on, so thanks for the heads up.

What ever happens, the side stand won't go in the bin. I'm guessing demand for the fairing will be a lot less though!
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Re: Welcome new forum members - introduce yourself

Postby julianharty » 05 Oct 2019 16:31

Barry, if you decide you'd like to find a new home for the fairing and lowers please let me know. I'm interested in trying them out on one of my bikes especially as the days shorten and rain is prevalent. I live in the SE (near High Wycombe) and could probably come and collect them if you're in the Cambridge area. Do please keep any brackets, and if you happen to have photos of how the lowers were mounted then there's at least one more person who'd appreciate that info as they bought some lowers without any brackets and what to create some suitable brackets, etc.

PS: All the best with riding the 250 - it truly looks beautiful, I hope it rides as well.
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Re: Welcome new forum members - introduce yourself

Postby BarryCambs » 07 Oct 2019 15:34

I'm hoping to go over to see the bike again later in the week, so I'll take a camera and get some shots of the side stand and fairing mounts. We did take it off carefully and kept the mounting brackets. I know the lowers have some quite long spacers on the bottoms.

My friend rode it back, so I've not tried it yet. He owns a collection of classic bikes from 175cc to 1200 and loved it. I'm just excited to find something that isn't a complete wreck for once! It's showing a low mileage on the clock and that could be genuine and apart from possibly the seat, it appears unmolested. One of the reasons I wanted the fairing off was to try and keep it as original as possible and it seems a shame to cover the engine at all given it's such a different looking thing.
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