5 day France trip

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5 day France trip

Postby Gedge » 29 Apr 2010 20:14

Well made it back Monday night after a very enjoyable 1200 miles with (hardly) a hitch..Went to Brittany ( have done the southern routes like Bort les Orgues before and wanted something different..)

We went to Le Mans via La ferte Bernard and then through Le Lude to Saumur and then across country to Pornic, over the bridge at St Nazaire and ended up in Vannes, from Vannes we headed West to Landivisau via Guemene sur Scorff and Huelgoat before stopping at St Brieuc then fron there Dinan, Granville and on to Caen.. had a look along the D day landing beaches and visited the memorial at Caen..We left Caen and rode through Suisse Normand (Thury Harcourt to Poutanges and Falaise) before arriving back at Le Havre.
( ...can I especially recommend the Route touristique through Huelgoat from Carhaix...absolute twisty heaven 26 miles with hardly a break..) Make sure you look out for the signs as its easy to miss, and you dont want to be doing that!!!!!!

The new sea cat from portsmouth is excellent...very quick, very comfy although limited services on board..the bikes were all strapped down by staff and all in all very efficient...coming back it leaves 1 1/2 hours after the ferry and arrives in portsmouth an hour before it..)

Bike had a faulty indicator all trip, had changed the bulb and for some reason its become very temperamental..more worryingly is the bikes new tendency to leak a small amount of coolant when the bike starts up...stops as soon as the bike is hot...everyone had a look and really cant find where its from, but its deffo coolant.... other than that the bike was its usual great ride...Only other problem was picking up food poisoning which left me with the squits for the next four days..luckily had some pills which mostly just left me with stomach cramps.........

Trip very nearly marred when Gary on his new blade managed to lose it on a RH bend and was only kept on the road by gouging all along the side of a renault 5..only damage was to his crash bung and a repsol graphic on the fairing...missed his leg completely but no-one can work out how..still it matches the damged crash bung on the RH side where he dropped it checking in for the ferry with the engine switched off..........

and for those interested in such things..Petrol is now around 1.40e a litre so dearer than here, food is through the roof (£12 for 4 coffees.. ) event though the exchange rate has improved of late..we stayed in Formula 1s as it suits us..their new Duo rooms are much nicer although still no en suite..but then with the raging squits that turned out to be quite a blessing I reckon
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