Jimmy Guthrie Run - Scottish Borders July 2011

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Jimmy Guthrie Run - Scottish Borders July 2011

Postby Captain B » 14 Dec 2011 20:25

A bit tardy of me to post this now, and whilst not exactly an adventure as such, this was my first decent length trip on the 3 1/2 Sport purchased a month previously, and the wee bike ran very well indeed apart from a bit of bother running with the lights on, which affected the battery and caused a minor break down. I suppose it was an adventure if you count the atrocious rain especially on the return leg. Other than that the bike went great, and caused some friends running Brit iron to work a bit harder keeping up, and they had the fillings shaken out their teeth by the vibes from their much larger capacity parallel twins. New BT45's instilled confidence bend-swinging the 350 in the wet, and all I can say is I wish I'd bought one earlier in my biking career. I didn't take part in the run this year as I was too late to enter by the time I'd bought the Sport, but it was really enjoyable to see enthusiasts on all types of machines out giving them a good run and having fun on their classics instead of just polishing 'em. My mate Steve won an award for his Guzzi Falcone, and I met a chap from Northumberland who recognised the reg number of my bike, as a pal of his had owned the bike previously. Small world the biking one! Here's to a drier 2012!
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