Morini Treffen 2007

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Morini Treffen 2007

Postby jb666 » 19 Jun 2007 14:26

27th Morini Treffen 2007 - Hohenberg

Well I made it to the Morini Treffen on the Cogauro - it did me proud but is sounding a bit rough now. Further investigation will have to wait while I catch up on domestic activities that were put aside while I got it going!!

Just a quick post - more details as time permits.

Day 1 - left home, catch ferry, arrive France, get soaked. Find guesthouse in Germany, crash out.

Day 2 - leave guest house, arrive Hohenberg. Rally held in castle like Hogwarts!! Eat food, drink beer, talk Morinis, crash out.

Day 3 - breakfast, more Morinis arrive, castle tour, lunch, organised ride out - 60 miles Germany, Czech Republic, Germany (ex DDR), stop for cake and coffee, back for barbeque, beer and presentations, crash out.

Day 4 - breakfast, pack, leave, camp on way back, crash out.

Day 5 - breakfast, pack, leave, catch ferry, home for midnight.

Total mileage 2232 km - 1395 miles.

Thoroughly recommended. Plan now for 2008 always about the same time 15/16/17 June.

Contact me for further info.

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Postby norbert » 12 Jan 2008 01:37

Hio John

This year the 28th international Morini Treffen in germany will take place from 27.06.-29.06 near Berlin. Hope to see you again. And bring along some friends!

ciao norbert
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Postby jb666 » 29 May 2008 22:58

Strange how time flies!! Currently rebuilding the Coguaros engine having discovered the con rods waved to each other!! New big end shells should cure that. All else seems nice and shiny.

Planning to go to the Morini Treffen near Berlin - anyone else interested? The food and beer is first class not to mention talking bikes around a large fire!!

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