UP TO MY usuall tricks.

Where have you been on your Morini? Post your tales of ride outs, great roads, holidays etc here.

UP TO MY usuall tricks.

Postby Tricky » 22 Feb 2013 00:09

Well its been some time but im back on teraferma.
what a year ive been through with and with out my bike. Still life is great I am back to continue riding my bike when ever I can in all weathers.
It wouldn't start this morning hardly surprising as it was -3 deg C here.
A bit about me Bought my house 3 weeks ago and its got a decent garage which I will extend. Also planning to make a work shop too.
currently fitting a log burning stove.

We had snow and ice a while back and as my car had no valid MOT( I forgot to renew it) I used my Corsaro 1200.
6 hrs riding on roads you would not walk on, I parked my bike in a car park that was 4" deep in the white fluffy stuff. No accidents or spills. The bike was faultless, I stopped at 3x to buy warmer gloves on route.( No snow my end Hampshire, Devon had loads)
using the engine as a break which I always do made the rear wheel break away and at times it was like I was riding a motocross bike.

The first part of my journey was great fun in day light, night time with pitch black roads and a few unwanted slides, made it the worst bike ride I have ever had high winds and poor visibility dropped my speed to 30mph on roads where 2-3x that is possible.

My Corsaro is the most balanced bike I have ever ridden, I injured my arm on that journey ( holding on). I have been on my bike several times since but must rest my arm arm as I am aggravating the injury more.

My bike still looks great as it gets cleaned at every opportunity. I don't know why using my indicators makes my hazard lights come on(only when its 0degC or lower, I think my guardian Angel and bike are trying to tell me something! ( wait for warmer weather).

I have big plans for my bike, soon it will be stripped, meticulously cleaned, maybe a new custom paint job, service and rebuilt to perfection, I want to make some custom parts too. A bit of exhaust work as the Harly guys say my bike's Fxxking loud. It does make my ear's ring on long journey's.

I intend to really enjoy life more and stop scaring my self half to death on my bike, hopefully get to meet some of the other forum members too have a laugh swap a few stories and a few beers or cokes on Poole Quay.
Happy Days
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