Round Britain Rally

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Re: Round Britain Rally

Postby RedVee » 17 Nov 2015 19:27

Keep thinking I could do the, but never get off my backside to do it! :(
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Re: Round Britain Rally

Postby Ralph » 18 Nov 2015 10:16

The great thing about the RBR is you have all summer to do it and unless you want to get a all rounder award
you can pick how many you do and when you do them so you can pick good days, great excuse to get out and ride.
It's not like the National Rally were you have to do it on a certain weekend and tough if it's bad.
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Re: Round Britain Rally 2017

Postby Chips1953 » 03 Mar 2017 20:21

I have enrolled for the Rally again this year, anyone else doing it?
It is an opportunity to visit places of interest, using your bike, that wouldn't normally be on anyones itinerary.
I did it in 2014 and just selected those places that I could comfortably visit without breaking the bank and my backside.
I managed a bronze award and had some real fun doing it.
The rally starts in April and ends in November. The idea is to visit as many or as few as you like within the UK. When you find site you have to take a photo of the vehicle, together with your number card and the place of reference.
Bikes to used this year will be my Strada and my MG V7II.
Are you interested Ralph?
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