Ride to Arrive

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Ride to Arrive

Postby morini_tom » 02 Jun 2008 12:26

I have just got home from a weekend in the saddle of my corsaro, 600 miles and not an ache in sight. Well, my wallet hurts because of all the fuel consumed. It's funny that just as Morini improve the 1200s fuel consumption, the price of fuel rises 10p and it costs almost the same per mile!!!

Anyway, I'm drifting from the point. Avon & Somerset Police, 3 times a year run a weekend course called ride to arrive. The idea is mainly to improve public relations and motorcyclist safety. The reality is that you spend a fantastic weekend having a laugh with some really friendly officers and at the same time getting some invaluable, possibly life saving advice. The £90 entry fee includes accommodation on the friday and saturday night, food all weekend, a series of classes and then a couple of hundred miles over the saturday and sunday of road riding in small (2 or 3 riders) groups with an officer riding a marked bike observing and giving you really useful advice.

I cannot reccommend this course highly enough, and it was worth the 160 mile trip from home to go on it. We rode some fantastic roads, I feel my riding has improved (although it's just the tip of the iceberg- i'm keen to take my riding to another level and will be looking into IAM somewhere in the northampton/leicestershire area) and dispelled the myth of stuffy police officers- they're a great bunch at Avon & Somerset!

In short, if you do one thing on your bike (other than MRC events, which are not optional by the way) Go on a Ride to Arrive course. Details at http://www.ridetoarrive.org/

And how did the morini perform? well lets just say that in my group it was the kawasaki that went home with the aa.
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