A visit to the new MM Factory at Trivolzio

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A visit to the new MM Factory at Trivolzio

Postby corsaro chris » 02 Oct 2017 19:21

Just got back from a great holiday in Italy, driving a long way south to visit the Roman and Greek ruins around Naples (and, no, that didn't include finding Morinis, although we did see a couple on the way back, parked up in Milan)...

But that's not what will interest the readers of this forum, because we also took the chance to call in on the new MM production / assembly facility south of Milan at Trivolzio. As well as a fantastic welcome from Erika and her colleagues, we enjoyed a good look around the factory, met Alberto the head of material resourcing and spares, many of the team that make the new Morini, rode the GranpassoR (the purpose of the visit and pre-booked) and had a quick spin on the new CorsaroZZ...

Editor permitting, I'll do a write up for the copy of ATG due out in December - I'm guessing that the next issue is already at the printers - but for impressions of the new ZZ pick up a copy of the next Motorcycle Sport and Liesure for an in depth report from Alan Cathcart; one of the pictures has him on the Corsaro on what looks to be part of the factory 15km bedding in test route... And well done to our PR people in getting an advert for the MRC right next to the test article!

Good riding,

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