Experiences of Motogiro Italia?

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Experiences of Motogiro Italia?

Postby keith55 » 05 Nov 2017 19:14

Does anybody on the Forum have any experience of entering, the logistics and experience of riding in either the Moto Giro Italia OR Milano/Taranto events, particularly on a morini...?

A German friend are in the early stages of planning entry in either 2018 or 2019.

Many thanks

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Re: Experiences of Motogiro Italia?

Postby Haboola72 » 06 Nov 2017 20:37

contact Chris Bushell of the Ducati Sporting Club.
He's coordinated most of the British entries for the Moto Giro since 2002.
You can call him at work. He runs Nourish Engineering these days I believe.
Good luck.
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Re: Experiences of Motogiro Italia?

Postby pedro » 06 Nov 2017 21:24

I believe that Nourish engineering is no longer in business, put Chris Bushells name along with Nourish into google and you might find out why.
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Re: Experiences of Motogiro Italia?

Postby MarkB » 07 Nov 2017 14:04

I'm sure that Stuart at NLM has done the Motogiro...
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Re: Experiences of Motogiro Italia?

Postby SupermotoDave » 18 Nov 2017 09:26

And Stuart wrote a big article about it which I published in ATG.

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Re: Experiences of Motogiro Italia?

Postby corsaro chris » 20 Nov 2017 20:00

Issue 320, published at the end of the summer of 2013... The MRC Club librarian can supply copies to members, and it shows why you should never be throwing those old copies of ATG away!

Good reading,

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Re: Experiences of Motogiro Italia?

Postby MickeyMoto » 20 Nov 2017 22:35

Buy some mag folders from Chris....
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