Trip to Croatia

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Trip to Croatia

Postby Gedge » 31 May 2009 19:19

On the 18th of June myself and 3 mates are setting off to ride down to Croatia.
we have 10 days for the trip, and are planning on France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria , Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Monte Carlo, France and back to England..

I shall be riding the Granpasso so this should be as good a test of reliability as any..
If there any Morini specialists/enthusiasts especially in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia or Italy that would be wiling to offer their contact details in case of an emergency I would be very grateful, especially if they speak English as the lack of foreign languages could be a real stumbling block..

Looking forward to 10 days on the road and hoping that the passes will be open and the roads clear of traffic 8)

If you see an over loaded White Granpasso + 3 other bikes on that general route give us a wave :D
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Postby PVC » 03 Jun 2009 11:30

Have fun!!!
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Postby Gedge » 29 Jun 2009 15:14

Made it 8) 8)

Had a fantastic trip including some High Alpine passes and some famntastic twisties..
Managed 9 countries in as many days.

The bike was almost flawless and on the apine passes gave some sportsbike something to think about 8) ....despite being so overladen that it sheared one of the topbox mounting bolts..
Managed to visit the Moto Morini Factory where I was treated like royalty..We had a full guided tour of the museum section and the actual factory, and when I asked for a new bolt for the top box we were despatched to the nearest cafe while the bike was stripped and the damaged bolt removed and replaced..They then re-set the service light ( on due to the speedo change) and gave the bike a remap, drained some excess oil where I had overfilled it :oops: and then set the suspension up for me and the excess load..finally I was given some decent luggage straps and then introduced to the general manager who had been expecting me after 3x had emailled to say I might visit as well as the owner Mr Bertini and his lovely companion....
They sent us on to the Ducati factory museum where the experience could not have been more different and we were refused access to the car park and museum despite having travelled across europe to be there..

Here is a view of the road over the Col de Mt Cenis...


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Postby hombre » 17 Jul 2009 13:21

Very nice pic. It seemed familiar, I was there last year and alo this year on my way to the italian Morinimeeting. I had a camera fixed to my bike and riding the Col du Mont Cenis looks like this:
I had to cut the video up into 5 parts because Youtube only allows 10 minutes at a time. So take your time to see them all... 8)
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