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Cagiva Freccia fairing set for sale

PostPosted: 22 Nov 2020 16:17
by Jammu

I have a complete fairing set to Cagiva freccia. The fairings should be original Cagiva fairings and they are painted to metallic blue. The painting is not perfect and there are some minor scratches, but there should not be cracks etc. bad damages. The set includes left and right front and rear panels, tank cover, front fender, front fairing and mirrors. The mirrors are fixed with some kind of sealant. The set is located in Finland, but I can send them. I have undertood that these fairings will fit to Dart, but the appearance is different, the seat and that way the rear panels are different, the mirrors and signals are different and headlight is not the same (double in Freccia).

Re: Cagiva Freccia fairing set for sale

PostPosted: 02 Jan 2021 16:08
by EVguru
I sounds like you have C10/C12 bodywork.

The Dart uses mostly C9 bodywork, except for the front side panels, which have the radiator exit duct reversed and used as a scoop for the aircooled V-twin. ... -19871990/

C10/C12 bodywork will of course fit the Dart and was used in cut down form on the K9 prototype with 501 engine.