Parts catalogues

Parts catalogues

Postby Jem » 30 May 2007 16:49

I've just finished drafting up the first edition of the parts catalogue for Sports & Stradas. I have scanned, OCR'd, cleaned up & translated a photocopy of the original factory catalogue for 1972-1976 models (I'm working on the 1979 catalogue now so it might get included). This will be offered as a product later this year - I hope by the AGM.
Before we get there, though, I'm looking for some proof readers. I don't believe the club should offer anything under its name without checking the quality. The job is quite simple:
- check spelling, grammar, and typos
- check consistency of presentation - use of white space, abbreviations, technical terms (eg. cap head or cheese head screw)

If you would like to get involved drop me an e-mail
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Re: Parts catalogues

Postby peter horwood » 02 Jan 2011 17:36

Hello, I would be prepared to do some proof reading. The only trouble is that if an error is spotted it isn't always easy to correct it unless the proof reader has a good knowledge of the subject.Having been involved with bikes for more than 50 years must qualify me as being a candidate for the job. It would be a cheap way of downloading for myself a parts catalogue for my 1976 3/12 Sport Peter Horwood. My e-mail address is peterhorwood
peter horwood
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