3 1/2 tank and side badges

3 1/2 tank and side badges

Postby DavidC » 09 Nov 2007 00:50

How? Where? When? How much? Can I get a new or used set of tANK AND SIDECOVER EMBLEMS FOR A 1975 3 1/2 ? Thank you ~ David
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Postby robinh44 » 09 Nov 2007 11:17


Goto the link below, I ordered and fitted a set and they are very good:-


Picture of mine fitted:-


The tank badge comes with an adhesive pad on the back and the side panel badges have 3 plastic pegs, these work well. But because I do not have original side panels or tank I used an epoxy resin glue (araldite) to secure mine in place. Hope this helps you out.


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Side panel badges out of stock

Postby hairyape1 » 11 Apr 2009 10:53

Hi there,

I see that you can buy side panel and tank badges, but they are currently our of stock. Does anyone know when they will be in stock again?


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Yes Please To Side Panel Badges

Postby Roger The Kanguro » 28 May 2009 18:23


Are there any plans to get another batch made up?

Roger The Kanguro
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Postby Jem » 31 May 2009 18:39

The club will not be ordering another batch of tank & side panel badges due the high cost of the minimum order quantity.
I regret having to say this, but we are a small club and cannot justify tying up cash (I'm talking thousands of pounds) in stock which will take years/decades to recoup.

I understand that last year NLM bought in a new stock of badges using the same tooling that the MRC used (and paid for) in the past.

Please contact NLM if you need badges. As an alternative the Classic Transfers company, who advertise in the classic magazines, offer transfers of these badges for a smooth finish to tanks & panels.
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Re: 3 1/2 tank and side badges

Postby Brett » 10 Jan 2011 04:31


If your looking for these badges in metal, these are very good.



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