2020 Calendar photo submissions sought!

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2020 Calendar photo submissions sought!

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Its that time of the year when I am looking for photos for the MRC club calendar. usual terms apply, if I use your photo you get a free calendar from the run we get printed.
I'm looking for landscape photos and they will be cropped to 14:19 format, so no portrait or square ones please.
Send your photos to me at 350vee@gmail.com because the editor email sometimes bounces attachments.


David Marlow
ATG editor and stuff
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Re: 2020 Calendar photo submissions sought!

Post by corsaro chris »

And the winner is........

Everyone who can get to the Products Page asap!

The 2020 Calendars are now available. Price held as the same as last year; if you are quick we'll get them posted to be with you in time for Christmas (terms and conditions apply...). Don't forget, if you are overseas (i.e. - not in the UK; or are "overseas" as we in the UK describe the real world) you'll need to be pdq with the order! We will check orders every day for the next week, promise!!!

[Those who gave their address to David, ATG editor and stuff, will know that they have a copy coming to them, so no need to order unless you want to show off to your family or friends by giving them a copy featuring your photo ...]

Good riding,

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