A really interesting post

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A really interesting post

Postby Quinlan3353 » 21 Jun 2018 19:01

Hallo Everyone,

I was just going to submit a Really Interesting Post, and I hoped other people might appreciate it and join in.
Unfortunately, I forgot my password and was not allowed to continue.

Up to my study, out with the Morini club file, and I find my password is:

How could anyone forget that?

But by the time I had managed to enter the forum I had more-or-less forgotten my Really Interesting Post. I had also come close to losing the will to live.

Does anyone else think this is insane and pointless and life-defying?

Best to all (except brain-dead IT enthusiasts),

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Re: A really interesting post

Postby acemorini » 22 Jun 2018 20:44

Hello Martin,
I think that you can change it to a more memorable password,( you can as I know mine) but don’t ask me how.
Regards Pete.
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