Parts Scam

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Parts Scam

Postby Vitesse » 04 Aug 2020 21:07

Just the opposite to a useful link - I've seen this on another classic bike site (so not my spelling/punctuation!):

Hi , warning to other members ,
I placed a add in the old bike mart for some dragonfly parts , to make a long story short i was contacted by a Kelvin Max ( ) saying he had some parts for sale , so i replied with a list of parts i was wanting , got a second email with yes i have all the parts £590.00 with a photo of the bike he was wrecking ( his words not mine ) as he was unable to get parts ! the photo was a copy from google images of a dragonfly sold on a site that has had a £1500.00 engine rebuild , a cream bike green seat reg TYR ### same fence same shed.
Smelling a rat i played along and offered to buy the whole bike , but the reply was no as his son was building one ! thinking on my feet i told mr max that my dad runs a national van repair company and a worker could pop in to remove the parts wanted and pay cash , reply i got was due to Covid-19 this was not a option but send the cash and he would pay a mechanic to remove the parts and post to me !
So i then emailed again asking for close up photos of the parts for sale saying some times Douglas fitted different parts at the end of a production ( don`t know if they did ? ) and the reply was along the line that he is 89 today and never stolen from anyone ect but let him have my address so he can cost the posting of parts to me . even though i`ve offered to have them collected !
At this time i have not replied to Mr max.
I did google the email address ( ) and it came up on a Henderson site.
i have left Kelvin Max waiting at the moment.
i know a lot of people use other sites and club forums so please pass this on - i MAY ? be wrong but i do think this is a scam as I've asked for address / mobile number / bank account number to pay funds in etc.
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