Living with a recent GP-Can you let me know

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Living with a recent GP-Can you let me know

Postby stridey » 10 Jun 2015 12:03


I am seriously interested in obtaining an "as new" from the factory.

My Moto Guzzi Stelvio is starting to play up big time and I'm getting as bit "frustrated" by it and may fancy a change.

Please could any members with MY2013 models let me know hat its like to live with. I have a service outlet reasonably close at Moto Corsa on Dorset/Wiltshire borders or would use Streffords of Worcester as they are a nice ride up the M5 or A38 for me to. I use my Stelvio for Euro tours each summer so hope GP is good long distance. I have read through the GP pages but can't seem to find recent posts on how the GP is to live with on later years.

Do they have ABS brakes and traction control yet?

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Re: Living with a recent GP-Can you let me know

Postby toggy » 12 Jun 2015 15:07

Abs traction control ! lol . That would be nice but there doesn't seem to be much innovation at Morini at the mo ,I'd be asking for LED indiacators for years . I guess it's a small company with limited funds .
I've owned 2 GPs an 08/09 no different to 2013 ,only changes are from 2014 I think ,just bigger screen ,APTC clutch scalloped seat ,strengthened sidestand. A granpasso would feel a lot sportier than your Stelvio ,which is soft in comparison ,but dare I say maybe the Stelvio is a better long distance tourer? For that reason .The bike likes a run ,not stop start traffic ,the clutch is heavy unless you have the new APTC clutch ,chassis is awesome and handles well ,seat is firm which could hinder long distance . minor niggles are listed on the forum .drinks fuel in town ,better on a runs 22mpg worst case 66best case I ever saw.acessories are limited gold dust ,Mota Corsa are good with the GP.(notcheap )They found my faulty conection issue which made my GP to overheat and lose all its water ,I unknowingly rode back from the Goodwood FOS to Poole with no water in the bike .the engine is bulletproof .i would like another one one day . They were very reliable for me . Happy days
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Re: Living with a recent GP-Can you let me know

Postby corsaro chris » 24 Sep 2015 14:41

The original GP seat is reasonably comfy two up (a lot better than the lowered version, which I've been using on mine until recently). Fuel consumption is good for 160 / 180 miles - 45 mpg - between stops if you can keep going for that long without coffee. You can either bimble along at low revs and use the torque or keep the revs above 4 and go everywhere with a grin on your face (and - surprisingly - keep the pillion happier as it smooths out the ride, as well as making the chain last longer - allegedly ...).

We took the GP down to Italy last year with no problems other than a puncture (my own fault) and went to Trier earlier this year - with no puncture. Germany is beckoning again next year, but it won't be on the GP as I'm swapping it soon - but I'd recommend it to anyone (but then I guess I would)...

Downsides? It's heavy, the original seat is high and you need to buy one from Italy or one of only three Service Centres in the UK, and new is expensive (I don't see any nearly new ones on the MM site at present (24th September). Oh, and some say it's ugly, if that worries you!

Good searching!

"I'll use the Morini"
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