what battery should i buy?

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what battery should i buy?

Postby drakoniano » 19 Jan 2016 14:44

Hi guys,

I'm searching a new battery for my moto morini granpasso 1200 (year 2009). I have some "extras" like LED lights, Heated grips and usb charger that maybe i should be in consideration.
From other forums i read that granpasso need at least 180cca, recommend 270cca and someone uses 360cca for booting correctly (maybe the word is "start up" instead "booting"? sorry for my english :oops: ) but 90% of the people are using ion-litio batteries. The main reason is that this winter i almost not riding and yesterday i tried to "start up"/"booting" and the battery is almost died, it tooks to me nearly 20 minutes. So the next time ....... maybe will be die.

What batteries are you using? with battery is recommended ?

Every opinion is appreciated, thanks you in advance.
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