For General 'Consumption'.......Timing Chain Procurement

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For General 'Consumption'.......Timing Chain Procurement

Postby mort9555 » 13 Jan 2017 16:07

I've recently been looking into timing chain service life as my 2009 GP has covered 35000 miles (10000 over the absurd factory change recommendation) and is on the original chains. I read on here in the Corsaro section that Jim ('poorly veloce') was very unlucky to have a rear chain break on his 2008 Corsaro with 12000 miles on it. This is a severe dose of bad luck on Jim's part but does start a certain paranoia rolling.

Anyway, to the reason for the mail....I had a look at my chains and found that the chain tensioner plungers were less than 50% out on their adjustment range. The chain and tensioner blades looked good and this has prompted me to leave the chains in and as they are. I will however schedule their change at 50000 miles as this seems a reasonable life expectancy. So, just for future information I looked into supply sources for the DID SCR 0409-SV chains fitted to my bike. The chains have 120 links. I found, after a bit of digging, that this is the very same timing chain that is fitted to the Yamaha WR400F. The only major difference is the cost of the thing. Trot down to your local(??!) Morini dealer and he will tell you that these very special chains are £220 each. I'm all for supporting the factory and fitting factory parts BUT I flat refuse to buy into the need to drop my pants and take it up the jacksy every time I need something for my bike. And it is every time as far as I can see. So....if you order this spec of chain from UK-Powerparts ( ... EBIDX%3AIT) they'll charge you £49 each. The chain manufacturer is still making a healthy profit from this price so I don't feel too aggrieved in paying that.

I hope this info helps a few keep their Morini's going (without having to remortgage the house).

Best Regards
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