Intermittent indicators

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Intermittent indicators

Postby oilburnerbike » 04 Mar 2017 13:27

Ok, getting to the point of fixing some irritating bits with the GP.

Indicators have always been a bit hit and miss so done some basics ie clean the switch, check the wiring etc however the problem persists.

Indicators work on both sides with the ignition on but engine not running.

Hazard lights work fine, engine running or not.

With the engine running........Left indicator works when it feels like it, sometimes a good 10 seconds after using the switch, right is a bit more reliable but not always.

What gives? I'll tell you what, using the indicators, back to hand signals for me, they are so intermittent.

As usual, any advice / comments gratefully received.

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Re: Intermittent indicators

Postby Painter » 04 Mar 2017 21:33

It could be that one of the terminals is loose or corroded that connects to the indicator relay.
These problems can be difficult to find but persistence is the name.
If not try a new relay as not conclusive that they work with the hazards on, makes me think it is more a terminal to the relay.
The electrics on these bikes are as good as anything I have seen.
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Re: Intermittent indicators

Postby miguel » 23 May 2017 09:19

Check the connectors from the LH switch gear to the main chassis harness. I had the same issue when turning right although the indicators share the same earth so this is likely the culprit in your case.
There had been a dodgy repair done and a wire had come away from the terminal so it got worse and then eventually stopped working. I have since replaced the connector (2.8mm blade terminal mini connectors) and all is good.

Before I did the repair I assumed it would be the LH switch gear so I ordered a new one. It was only when that didn't make a difference that I checked the wiring. As a result I now have a LH switch gear that is surplus to requirements should you find your wiring is OK but the switch gear is knackered.
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