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Ebay GP 2017

Postby toggy » 17 Mar 2017 20:58

Hi all
Spotted on eBay a 2009 red & white £4250 Ono
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302252366382? ... EBIDX%3AIT
For those unable to click on the link :)
The eBay listing description
Its tile to move on from my fantastic Moto Morini Granpasso to another piece of Italian riding!
I have owned this from 2010 and have had great holidays around Europe and covering over 14,000 miles.
The Granpasso is very rare and often forgotten. It runs on all the top equipment including Ohlins read damper, Excel rims and Brembo radial master cylinders for brake and clutch.
I have fitted the adjustable Motek footrests to add comfort and practicality.
It is also fitted with 3 stage factory heated grips controlled through the switchgear. Adjustable multi position screed, Factory handguards and Pannier rails. I will include a set of Hepco Becker panniers. They are labelled KTM, not that it bothered me.
Also fitted with DNA+ security markings on all items of the bike. A workshop manual is also included on a DVD.
Some critical improvements;
1. Repeated Regulator/rectifier failures using the standard manufacture forced me to see advice from ELECTREX. This was fitted 2 years ago and is not perfect and had no issues. Wiring was modified so the earthing and power is direct from the battery and not through the harness.
2. Coolant changed to the EVANS waterless upgrade. Not cheap but perfect for reducing the running temperature and putting less strain on the engine and cooling system. Its fit and forget with no need for changing. Runs around 8-9 degrees cooler and with no pressure in the system.
3. Upgraded seat with the LICS gel insert professionally fitted by lics. Also had them reduce the seat height by 15mm to help with my short inside leg!!
4. Best performance upgrade by far!! BSD Performance ( Mark Brewin) http://bsd.uk.com/
Mark re-mapped the Granpasso and upgraded to full Corsa specification. This added another 18-20 HP but also smoothed out power delivery for day to day riding. Chris at North Leicester Motorcycles can vouch for how good it rides and they know their Morini's.

The bike has been serviced over the years as follows;
- Service by Three Cross M/C at 552miles
-Oil & Filter by me May 2011 & 2012
- Service by Italsport 2013 at 8553 miles
-Service by North Leicester Motorcycles at 2014
-Oil , Filter and general adjustments including fluids by me, 2015 &16
-Service by North Leicester Motorcycles 14,701. ALL fluids changed

Important history on the bike
When I bought the bike in 2010 it had been written of on a CAT D (Uneconomical to repair). The reality was that the bike has been dropped lightly on the LHS with just minor damage. The V5 has no notification of this however I want to be straight with the new owner so there are no surprises. Unfortunately this coincided with Moto Morini going bust ( relatively speaking as we are talking Italians!!) Parts could not be obtained , hence the Cat D!!
The following parts were damaged;
1. LHS side cover for fuel tank. Picture shows the light scrape. Damage was limited due to the standard fitment of crash bung on the tank. I never bothered changing it but will include a "as new" replacement it the new owner wants to fit it.
2. LHS hand guard light scrape. Not bothered to change as its minor.
3. LHS Mirror damaged so replaced with NEW.
4. LHS footrest damaged so replaced with NEW SW MOTEK adjustable billet items. Far better and look right.
5. Pannier rail paint damaged. Re-powder coated rail.

So, in summary, A very high spec bike for very little money. All ready for touring in comfort and with speed. Fully serviced by NLM, the people who understand the Morini, not just anyone!

Payment will be needed in full before release of the bike. NO Test rides unless payment in full. Will be happy to take prospective owners out as pillion.

Open to sensible offers but please do not waste your and my time by silly offers.
If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help.

If the MOT is an issue for you running out in May, I would be happy to negotiate a new MOT dependent on the final selling price.
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