Dip Beam Bulb Blown

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Dip Beam Bulb Blown

Postby Delhispearman » 13 Apr 2017 09:44

Dear GP owners.

I had this issue the other day and it might be worth relaying my experience in case you have not yet carried out what should be a simple chore.

Note that the process described in the owner's handbook says to remove 3 cross-head screws from the rear of the light unit and then remove the bulb. It is incorrect. Do not touch the cross-head screws, instead locate the 3 very small allen head screws and remove those. You may find it easier to remove the part of the fairing infill to gain access. The cross-head screws adjust the angle of the beam, I think, and on mine had blue paint dabbed on them. The bulb holder can then be accessed, note how it fits together before you take it apart - it is fiddly and has an orange part that seems to do nothing but pops off and only fits back on one way.

Next issue is the bulb itself. It looks like nothing I have ever seen on a bike, but then I am old. My advice is to take it to Halfords and get them to match it. It will not be in their extensive motor bike light section and it appears to be an automotive application bulb - which is the section I found it in. There is a code on it, which I forget now, but I think it was H6 or H3 - but don't take my word for it - take the original with you so that they can match it and then if they get it wrong you can take it back. Cost was 9.99 quid.

Reassembly is, as they say in all the best workshop manuals, the reverse of disassembly. Oh, and my advice is buy two bulbs so that the next time it goes you don't have to drive home on full beam as I did. :roll:

Ride safe.

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