GP front forks

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GP front forks

Postby oilburnerbike » 03 Jun 2019 18:56

Soooooo, I've had my GP for a while now and left it reasonably standard.

One thing that bugs me is the front forks. The rear Ohlins is multi adjustable and I have it set soft. The front forks have no adjustment.

I've had the forks off and found the following:-

Left leg had too much rebound damping and appears to have very little if any compression damping.
The right leg appears to have no damping at all.

I cleaned them out and refilled with 600cc of 5W in both legs, they feel pretty much the same as above.

So I filled the left leg with 2.5W to reduce the rebound damping and the right leg with 15W to try and get any damping. I also reduced the oil to 500cc to reduce the air 'spring' effect in the forks. The left legs seems slightly lighter on rebound but difficult to tell, the right leg still appears to have no damping at all. The forks feel to have slightly better / easier movement on 'bouncing' the forks static but I can't image having 100cc less oil will make the air spring effect that much less.

Any thought?

I could go for new cartridge inserts but they look to be about 500 quid which is a bit much.

I spoke with a company they says they can rebuild them but they couldn't offer any advice or help on altering any damping setting. They just said that the standard 50mm USD Marzocchis are 'not very good' and suggested new cartridge inserts.


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Re: GP front forks

Postby MickeyMoto » 03 Jun 2019 19:09

The Corsaro forks have compression and rebound damping... Travel might be limited on a GP! However, you could then fit 320mm discs and 4 pot calipers...
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Re: GP front forks

Postby oilburnerbike » 05 Jun 2019 17:51

I have a Corsaro too and did think about that but as you say the damper rods will be too short by quite a bit unfortunately.

I may indulge in a little further stripping of the damper rods and see what's in them!!!
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Re: GP front forks

Postby mort9555 » 05 Feb 2020 07:37

A little belated as don't get on too often these days. I've had an 09 GP from new, 52k miles now and gets better with age!!

A few years ago I took my Mazzo forks to KTech in Leicestershire for a rework ...............and they gave them back saying not worth bothering with as they were THE MOST basic of forks. That's a shame as when I ordered mine 11 years ago now this May it said on the blurb that the forks were full adjustable. Impending bankruptcy clearly the cause of what we ended up with.
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