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ECU map updates

Postby RobPolly » 06 May 2020 04:51

Hi all, I am completely new to the MRC, although I have owned a 2008 Corsaro (not the Veloce version) since new. She's done 26,000klms. I haven't made any modifications, except de-catting the original exhaust. I was looking for advice regarding any ECU map updates that might help improve the fuelling. I've been told the original map is set-up to make the bike run lean to meet Euro compliance (which is different to here in Australia), potentially restricting the bike's power. Also, any advice regarding changing the gearing would be helpful. From what I understand (which is bugger-all) it seems a little tall (17 & 40). Thanks for any advice!! :lol:
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Re: ECU map updates

Postby AusVeloce » 23 May 2020 09:15

Hi Rob, can't help with the maps but which part of Aus are you in?
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Re: ECU map updates

Postby X1er » 25 May 2020 00:23


I’m also in Australia and own a 2008 Corsaro Avio and have done similar kms.

I bought mine second hand as a non-runner and when I got it going the fuelling was poor. It would intermittently stall when coming to a stop and also had a noticeable dead spot in the rev range.

At the time (about 2015) one of the Australia based MRC members steered me in the right direction.

There’s at least two updated fuel maps specifically for the 120 HP Avio. I ended up trying the two versions of the 2009 Avio map downloaded from the Google drive address on this MRC website but settled for the ‘Lambada off‘ version. If you have the 140hp version and not the Avio then there's even more choices map wise.

You need to get the right tuning cable to link a Windows laptop to the ECU. I ended up getting one from Lonelec in the UK.

You can access/use the freely available Guzzidiag on the Windows laptop (couldn’t get it to work on my MacBook) to first save your current map and then upload a new one. Guzzidiag works with the ECU used in the Morini.

I spent a lot of time worrying about not being able to get it right but in the end after much research it wasn’t too hard even for a non-IT person like myself. The updated 2009 map is so much better. No stalling, no dead spot, just as powerful and slightly smoother. It transformed the bike.

The radiator fans come on at 96 degrees in the updated maps instead of 91 or 92 and you can’t’ change this as the Guzzidiag tool doesn’t have this functionality as Guzzies aren’t water cooled.

If you’re interested I think I could dig out the two maps I have saved somewhere and find the Lonelc cable and email you the details.

I also have the manual and parts list. If you’re interested in these they’re big documents that I’ll need to split out and email to you in sections.

I’ve still got the standard gearing and find it fine. Try the updated fuel maps before worrying about the gearing.
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