Dyno run for a 2007

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Dyno run for a 2007

Postby johnwh » 09 Apr 2018 20:26

Finally got around to getting the dyno run on my 2007 Corsaro.
Generally better except of a stutter after off idle to just over 2000 RPM although the curve looks cleaner.
Has the race ECU with no baffles.
Is this about what others have found?
Cheers John
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Re: Dyno run for a 2007

Postby johnwh » 09 Apr 2018 22:16

Hi Again,
I should add that on the ride home from Melbourne the bike felt smoother from 3500 RPM upwards with a noticeable improvement in torque. Still not sure about initial acceleration but will have to wait for a couple of weeks until I can take it for a proper run. I thought I detected a hesitation off idle that was almost a stall which I have heard was a problem on the early maps.
At 115KPH which I think is closer to 100, it is smooth and feels strong with instant acceleration.
You will notice on the HPO curve he lifted the RPM limiter to 10,000. Said that he likes a curving drop at the top.
Still getting acquainted with the bike but so far I am really enjoying it.
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Re: Dyno run for a 2007

Postby floydsveloce » 11 Apr 2018 18:30

Alright John boy !!
Well it all looks good. You are quite right , the early ones like yours did have some fuelling issues , which were all ironed out on the veloce , which I have . I don't have any issues on mine , apart from it doesn't like to tick over if the outside temperature is under 11 degrees Celsius. But I don't ride much in the winter anyway.

Enjoy anyway , it's the best bike out there !!!!!! :)


P.s. l lived in Melton for a couple of months some time back.
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Re: Dyno run for a 2007

Postby AusVeloce » 11 Apr 2018 21:44

Back in 2010 I had a power commander fitted to my 2008 Veloce and on the dyno it showed 128hp at the rear wheel.
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