Getting a Corsaro back on the road.

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Getting a Corsaro back on the road.

Postby johnwh » 28 Apr 2018 00:57

A while back I noticed a forum member had asked who in Australia has some technical skills to work on Morini s'.
I live in Geelong in Victoria Oz and have had a long friendship with a local bike mechanic who I asked to do some recent work on my Corsaro.
His name is Justin Willman and his small self run business is called Motocraft.
I have only had the bike for a few months and because it had been sitting a long time it needed a good going over to which I am reasonably capable on an older style bikes but fuel injection and computerized stuff is out of my expertise.
Justin did a great job.
The recent dyno run I posted was the final step in getting it running well and I am very pleased with Justin's help and Dyno bike in Melbourne.
I must add that the dyno run was a re map of the race ECU with baffles out which I found for around town and relaxed riding a bit of a pain at low RPM but when opened up over 3000 RPM was fantastic if a bit loud.
To do the dyno they drilled 2 small holes in the exhaust headers for the system to measure each cylinder which I think assisted to achieve the smoothness but then everything feels a lot smoother after riding an old Jota for 35 years.
Two days ago and for the sake of the exercise I put the baffles back in and it is smoother off idle and up to 3000 RPM and brilliant to ride with good steady power up through the range.
I am going to stick with the baffles in and just take out for more spirited occasions what ever that means at 65 years old.
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Re: Getting a Corsaro back on the road.

Postby corsaro chris » 01 May 2018 19:26

That's good news John - sounds like you are another happy Corsaro rider!

The Termis can get a bit loud (but not as bad as an Arrow system - they really do give you a pain after a few miles...). The map should be strong off idle right up to the rev limiter, although you might need a bit more throttle on the Corsaro than on the softer tuned engines (bigger valves, radical cam and harder springs) but there shouldn't be any stutter - yours sounds perfect.

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