K&N oil and air filters

Anything to do with the 1200 Corsaro series
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K&N oil and air filters

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Just made a new product request for air and oil filters for our dear 1200 engine as i feel it deserves best possible filtration. If you feel the same, please make your own request here: https://www.knfilters.com/register/products_needed.aspx

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Re: K&N oil and air filters

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Re: K&N oil and air filters

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I prefer DNA filters https://www.dnafilters.com/en/categorie ... le-Filters
http://www.gixxer.com/forums/70-dyno-ro ... ilter.html
https://www.triumphtwinpower.com/triump ... ilters.php

I put in a request there too. I run DNA in my Duc GT and Guz V7 classic and have only positive experience. My tuner was also happy with the results with these filters
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