This weeks MCN

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This weeks MCN

Postby mikebbikes » 26 Sep 2018 09:51

There is a in depth test of the 1200ZZ in this weeks MCN. They have put it up against the Aprilia Tuono V4.
It comes out quite favorably against the Aprilia which is a bit refreshing. The tester seems to get its quirkiness, and realise that not all of us want auto blippers and rider modes.
Personally, although I love the sounds and feel of a V4 motor, I still think that inspite of them being factory built, the Tuono look like a sports bike that has been crashed and had its fairing ripped off.
It was the looks that first made me take notice of the Corsaro 1200, and I still think that that is there USP, the fact it has a motor to die for is an added bonus.
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Re: This weeks MCN

Postby ShaunR » 26 Sep 2018 10:43

After having lots of bikes with lots of electrogubbins on during the last few. years, I can safely report that not one of them did a I need. The MM is a great bike and for most, if not all of us, it is all the bike you or I will ever need. We do like our gadgets though so we will keep on buying new bikes like the Aprilia. I must admit that an auto blipper is bloody entertaining but do you really need it? Price is the MMs biggest issue but the way the manufacturers are currently going £17000 will be quite cheap in a few years.
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Re: This weeks MCN

Postby v2ono » 26 Sep 2018 20:02

Price is the biggest issue here IMO- I personally think the ZZ is one of the best looking bikes money can currently buy, but there is more to it than that, and reality is that at that price point it needs to be able to compete with the V4 Tuono, 1290 SDR, MT-10SP, and of course numerous Ducatis, and unless its moved on significantly from the Corsasos of 10+ or so years ago, it won't be able to .
The reality is that its a tarted up ( albeit nicely so) pretty old-tech 10-year-old bike- if it were £5k or more cheaper then I think it would be viewed differently, but at the price point they've pitched it at, there are always going to be comparisons and I think its gonna be a very hard sell to anyone who's ever ridden any of the above, or even a 790 Duke , which despite being one of the dullest looking bikes ever IMO, is also one of the most brilliant as a riding experience.

(And half the price of a ZZ...)
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Re: This weeks MCN

Postby Gary D » 27 Sep 2018 21:00

Three sales of ZZ's in the UK this year..& all to former Corsaro owners. Speaks volumes for the unique properties of these great bike doesn't it? My own Corsaro has just sold to a non-Corsaro owner that's new blood in the camp :D . Good news indeed!

Personally, I feel Morini need to get bums on saddles to sell their bikes. It's very hard to resist a ZZ (or the other 1200 variants) after that. Only the price could spoil the prospect of ownership after a test ride. The Milano's £16K price will attract a slightly wider audience though. It's a great looker & should hit todays retro friendly market straight between the eyes. Time will tell.
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