New Enduro/Motard

The new Hyper-motard

Postby franky » 29 Aug 2009 17:48

I don't think its that nice looking.... looks like a crashed gran passo!
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Postby corsaro chris » 02 Sep 2009 08:33

MCN today (2nd September) carries a slightly different spin on the Motard story - this test is now of a more road based version of the original GP, which will go into production this autumn alongside the original adventure / dual purpose model, which will continue to be sold... If so, Morini are treading a similar path, albeit along a slightly different line, to Triumph in the UK with their Tiger. :)

This seems to contradict the original source, where what was spotted was a prototype under test for a motard type machine - and certainly the design drawing (the yellow coloured model on the front page of Motociclismo) is of a pure supermoto design...

The club will be at the Factory in early October - I hope we'll find out the full story there - and also speak about Morinis' competition plans and the Sports fittings on the Roadster Cup winning bike... 8)

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Postby Henrik » 02 Sep 2009 20:19

Honestly, I don't like the looks of this. As far as a fun bike goes, I am not sure how you could beat the Corsaro. I wish they would produce a proper supersports bike instead. Otherwise, good on them for producing more new bikes!
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