Buying a 1200

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Buying a 1200

Postby mikebbikes » 06 Oct 2017 18:24

Hi Everyone,
I am new to the forum, so please bear with me.
I have had a hankering for a 1200 for a few years now, and have found what looks like a nice example. 2009 Corsaro with 7.5k miles on the clock.
I have been reading and absorbing as much information as possible on the forum, but to be honest, I am a bit concerned about the cam chain snapping issues, and spare parts in general.
I currently have a Honda Firestorm, they have an issue with cam chain tensioners breaking, which has a catastrophic result in engine damage, but it only seems to affect a few bikes compared to the number they have sold, and if the do go, there are plenty of spare engine parts available used.
Is the cam chain breaking an issue on a lot of 1200?
Thanks in advance
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Re: Buying a 1200

Postby nicko » 07 Oct 2017 08:42


At 7500 miles I wouldn't worry about it. I believe that they need changing at 20k - 25k but Chris may be better placed to answer as he's just had his done. It seems to only be a few bikes and if you keep the drive chain adjusted it helps.

Spare parts aren't a problem and can be sourced from NLM, Moto Corsa or direct from the factory.

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Re: Buying a 1200

Postby Gary D » 07 Oct 2017 10:09

Hi Mike

Welcome to the forum & congratulations on showing your good taste in considering a Corsaro. I've put 4500 miles on my 2006 model which has taken it up to 13500 in total. So far, so good! In this months Sport & Leisure, Alan Cathcart tests the updated ZZ model. He already owns (& loves) 2 Corsaro's & he's done a total of 35,000 klms on them with no issues, He doesn't state the balance of the mileage between the two though. It'd be interesting to have a poll on the cam chain issue versus mileage covered though. How about it chaps? Can you drop a line into this thread to say how many miles you've covered & whether you've experienced any camchain (or significant other) issues within that usage? It'd be useful for existing owners & folks like Mike who are contemplating ownership.

Mike, I've a GSXR1000K5 gathering dust (& maintaining it's value) in the garage. I choose the Corsaro every time & it's never let me down on the roadside. In 2 years of ownership, I've replaced a fan (the wire got kinked too close to the motor) & that's been it. It handles fantastically & is way better on fuel than the mags suggest. I generally get 40-45 mpg without looking for economy. It's a great long distance bike & always terrific fun to ride. I've ridden loads of bikes over the years & nothing beats the riding enjoyment of a Corsaro. I hope you take the plunge & join the club. Both are the best you'll find.

Good luck & best regards

Gary D
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Re: Buying a 1200

Postby mikebbikes » 08 Oct 2017 19:11

Thanks for the info so far, but I have another question if I may.
Is there somewhere I can see what the different models are and what the difference is between them,
I.E 9 1/2 , 1200 sport, 1200 Corsaso, 1200 Corsaso Veloce, Avio and 11 1/2?
The bike I am looking at is advertised as a 1200 Corsaro. It has a black frame and forks and wheels, grey engine and all red body work, and has Corsaro 1200 Veloce on the exhaust heat shields
( again)
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Re: Buying a 1200

Postby morini_tom » 08 Oct 2017 21:05


Have a look at the model list on the club website for more info on the models, and some articles etc:

All the watercooled bikes share fundamentally the same engine, which comes in 3 states of tune- slightly softer for the 9 1/2, avio, granpasso. Small hardware changes (heads, valves, cams?) give the corsaro a bit more, and then the veloce has a little more still. Later Veloce also had better suspension (extra adjustment on the marzocchis and an ohlins at the rear)

None of them are slouches though.
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Re: Buying a 1200

Postby MickeyMoto » 09 Oct 2017 06:44

One major difference is in the suspension. The Corsaro has a rising rate monoshock, the others a side mounted single shock. The Veloce is a Corsaro with posher suspension, upgraded brake, noisier exhaust and I believe came with a spare track ecu.

The Granpasso and scrambler had two pot sliding calipers, I believe the 91/2, 11 1/2 and Sport had 4 pot calipers. Some owners reckon the two potters may be a bit under braked. I found the standard Corsaro brakes powerful and one finger useable.

The Avio is a lower powered Corsaro, in a different colour. A mere 127 hp? The full fat is 140. The others are about 117. All have a fat torque curve!

I could get 140 miles from a Corsaro tank. 20 miles max with fuel light on. I could get 40 to 45 mpg, but could fall into the 30s. Best to have the ecu set up on a rolling road.
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Re: Buying a 1200

Postby mikebbikes » 25 Oct 2017 18:59

Well the dream of owning a 1200 is over for the moment.
I dithered about to much instead of biting the bullet and getting it bought.
The dealer has now sold it, and I am licking my wounds. My leg is sore from trying to kick myself.
If anyone sees another for sale, I would appreciate a heads up.
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