DNA filters available for MM

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DNA filters available for MM

Postby hendre » 23 Apr 2020 15:44

pics! left the original BMC and to the right the DNA replacement.
Fits the airbox perfectly!

Anybody knows to what models will fit this filter? Original numbers for the filter (for as far as I know) are M82210001400 of M82200001400. For the filter housing I sent them M82020002010 & M82020001010 (ZLM-BV2 & ZLM-CV2).

Shortlist I can trace through the webs:
* all 9 1/2
* all 11 1/2
* early Corsaro's (untill 2009?)
* Scrambler (untill 2009?)

Correct my where I'm wrong... Just started this process to get filter available for MM owners as BMC does not sell them except to certified MM dealers
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