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Tyre Choice

Postby Emmohaswheelsagain » 01 Oct 2011 21:30

No postings on this section for for a while so time to see if any other 9 1/2 riders are out there.
After getting through another Pirelli Sportscom on the back and the front suffering after five years on the bike I thought it was time for a change. As many of you will know Pirelli's aren't cheap with the last rear costing £175+ fitted.
I've never been completely happy with the standard tyres particularly when the road surface is less than perfect. The problem was what to go for? Morini's are rare at the best of times but if the DVLA are correct only six 9 1/2's are currently being ridden on the UK and only 11 were ever sold. I don't believe the sportscoms were a match for the bike as they were fitted to Ducati's retro models, 1000 tourer and the Paul Smart rep, which are completely different bikes.
Well after some searching I've gone for a set of Conti Sport Attacks and initial impressions are favourable. Slightly different profile which allows you to turn nicely into corners. High speed stability is good with plenty of feel under braking.
So far can't say how the tyres will wear but then again anything has to be better than the sportscom's. Price was very reasonable so this must be taken into account when assessing the choice of tyre. What are other owners of modern morini's running? Are you all on Pirelli's still or have you all gone for more cost effective options?
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