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Postby MrWilson » 25 Mar 2017 18:52

Hey! I'm a new member. Changed from Kawasaki for 9 1/2 last summer. The bike is 2009 and ridden 40 000 km. I l ive in Finland. Never seen another Morinis here, but I know there's a couple of Corsaros here. I really like the bike, because it's so relaxing to ride, but at the same time it can also be very sporty. I have a windshield/screen in it and I really like it. But then a question. I have a Ducati diag wire and tune ecu program. Is there any maps which are better than standard? Especially the fuel consumption could be better.
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Re: A new member

Postby Emmohaswheelsagain » 29 Mar 2017 20:49

Hello Mr Wilson,

Welcome to the club.
The 9 1/2 is often over looked and offer riders a surprising number of options.
Regarding the mapping, I don't believe you have anything to gain by changing the standard specification.
Yes, I would like better fuel consumption but you learn to plan your route carefully and calculate safe margins between stops.
I too have the screen, most useful, as well as the side pannier, rack, tank cover and bag. The side pannier and rack are particularly useful as I prefer not to use the tank bag.
I find this can restrict my vision of the speedo/rev counter and restricts my ability to move the bike in tight spaces, such as a ferry.
I can carry the bag on my back and on occasions will strap it to the rack. You can purchase these items direct from Morini or pick them up from dealers as old stock. Any dealings with the factory I have found to be very good, reliable and prompt at all times.
I hope you continue to enjoy your Morini.


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Re: A new member

Postby Delhispearman » 23 Apr 2017 07:57

Nice looking 9.5 on Subito.it at the moment. Seems to have been a special order and is fitted with scrambler pipes. Interesting colours too.
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Re: A new member

Postby MrWilson » 30 Apr 2017 18:37

Thank you for your reply, Paul. Just planning the panniers :)
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