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Postby 72degrees » 02 Jan 2021 15:07

So the 2019 season FE was going really quite well in the first few events. I, however, was not. Still detuned after the Loton off and lacking confidence - particularly to demon brake.

It culminated in doing May Wiscombe the day after returning from a 10 day 2000 mile tour in France on my ER6n, mostly in pouring rain.

The first practice run seemed fair, and by first 'timed' run I felt I was going pretty well - until I saw my time. Way off my personal Morini best in good conditions. The travelling was also getting not so tolerable without my lad to help with loading and unloading. Also, very costly, so I decided to hang up my racing leathers after nearly 40 years.

The FE still exists as a 95% spares kit that can be wheeled about. The L5 engine is back in the road 2C though - 'historic' in April !

Sold the ER6n and bought a 2019 MY Husqvarna 401 Svartpilen. Like a single cylinder version of a Morini 350, only with significantly more power, fantastic brake and FI that works. Some tales of 'Austrian/Indian electrics' (2019 were assembled in Austria), but it hasn't let me down yet. Though with covid lockdown and me shielding I've only done a 100 mile since it's ECU was 'unlocked' at 600 miles. It makes very satisfactory progress on B roads and twisty A roads and weighs about the same as the 2C/350 but with electric start.

The Gilera GFR 125 race replica got impossible for me to ride so I sold it last month to a VMCC member who fancied a power valve 2T (they have a Scott as their daily ride).

The VMCC local section have worked on me psychologically so much since I got the 57 G175 that I also just acquired a 1937 Sunbeam Model 14 250 Sports. If it's no slower than the little Gilera I'll be happy enough. 4 speed foot change gearbox luxury, though girder forks and rigid. My winter project.

Well that and finishing off a light refurb on the 2C/350 hack and perhaps getting round to fitting the SWF ignition on that.

Fingers crossed for vaccination by AGM and Cadwell time. A long standing MRC friend who has just turned 80 had his last week, so they may get to me eventually.
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