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Corsoro 150

Postby mbeebe6956 » 23 Jan 2017 01:52

A friend of mine inherited a Moto Morini Corsaro 150, the unit needs a bit of work. We would like to remove the engine and carburetor and rebuild them and we wondering what the availability of parts, gaskets and repair instructions are and where we can get the items.
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Re: Corsoro 150

Postby Tom » 25 Jan 2017 09:50

Hello, I have restored a 1969 150 GT, parts can be a real pain. I got all my parts, some very special, from Alex Luzzi:

But, he seems to have been vanished, so good luck contacting him.

I have got some Corsaro 125cc parts on the message board, most are interchangable between 125 and 150 (like engine casings and covers), but some definitely not!! For instance, cilinder/ crank/ conrod/ piston is something different. I think the head is the same as 125cc. But you will have to inspect the technical drawings very closely. Here are some drawings:

All the bearings (except big and small end) can be bought from SKF, sealings and gaskets from

I would advise to replace the oil pump, these are a weak point and then it will ruin your engine.

But then again, got a new oil pump made from bronze, from Alex Luzzi..

Good luck!
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Re: Corsoro 150

Postby mbeebe6956 » 25 Jan 2017 17:40

Thank you for the information. We are new to the Italian (or for that matter European) motorcycle world. Any and all if formation is much appreciated.
Thank You.
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Re: Corsoro 150

Postby EVguru » 25 Jan 2017 21:22

Gasket sets are available from NLM, or direct from Athena in Italy.

It can be well worth while logging into the various local ebay stites, for example, but also, etc. If overseas postage wasn't listed as an option, items won't show up on a worldwide search. If you contact sellers, they'll often agree to post to the UK.

The oil pump is indeed a potential issue. The body is made of a zinc alloy and can become crumbly if left sitting in old acidic oil.
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