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ECU remap

Postby Chips1953 » 12 Jan 2021 18:00

In the good old days when I had a Corsaro, there was work done by several people, Gunni was one of them who modified the mapping for the //corsaro. Is am]nynoe doing this for the Scrambler do we know?
Im wondering if the Rev 6 of EBi's Corsaro map may work as they are the same nigine and all its doing is sequencing the low speed throttle response.
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Re: ECU remap

Postby nickst4 » 13 Jan 2021 12:48

I just wish it wasn't winter with mud and derision all over the roads around here and then I could remind myself of the engine characteristics of my Scrambler. My memory (and the post I wrote at the time) tells me I thought the motor was the best-behaved of any of the powerful units I've experienced, and the throttle responses were perfect! Perhaps mine had been got at long before I bought it. What are your problems?

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