Srambler Demo ride

The new Scrambler model

Srambler Demo ride

Postby G911 » 17 Sep 2009 13:35

Hello to all at MRC,
:D :D :D
My fist post to day and my First ride on a Moto Morini yesterday.

Well yesterday turned out to be very good day after managing to secure a demo ride on the new Moto Morini Scrambler. During the first 10 minute or so the ride seamed very harsh, which I’ll put down to the fact of just having stepped of my 1200RT however this harshness soon became less apparent as my smile got bigger :) :) :D :D . The grunt from the engine was fantastic with lots of torque just where you need it, and such a wonderful exhaust note. My test ride took in some motorway and nice B country roads and some town driving, all of which provided me with some great fun and enjoyment :lol: :lol: .

My over all impression is that it’s very nice, comfortable bike and looks fantastic, all of which now gives me a problem - looks like I my need to buy one!! :P :P :mrgreen:

Gerry D
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Scrambler Demo ride

Postby Emmohaswheelsagain » 19 Sep 2009 23:05

The scrambler seems to be the surprise of the Morini range. Those that have ridden it come away with a very positive impression. The bike is featured in the current issue of Motorcycle Monthly which is a free paper distributed through local bike dealers, pubs and general meeting places. Despite some early misgivings the tester was won over by the sheer fun and adaptability of the Morini. :D
I would suggest G911 that you have a further ride, you will definately be sold.

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