250 2c Clutch spring adjustment

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250 2c Clutch spring adjustment

Postby mark2cv » 23 Jun 2020 10:34

Being from a british bike background, am I right in assuming the tension on the springs in the cups should be backed off to give a lighter clutch. They are currently screwed all the way in and you need forearms like Popeye. What is the correct setting. Thanks
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Re: 250 2c Clutch spring adjustment

Postby Steve Brown » 23 Jun 2020 20:14

They are meant to be all the way in, maybe someone has fitted stronger springs? If you did back them out a bit they will be close to the inside of the cover I think.
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Re: 250 2c Clutch spring adjustment

Postby mbmm350s » 23 Jun 2020 23:03


Are the springs painted blue? They are different to 350 springs. Best to check the length against the manual.
250 2C with low bars clutch cable routing needs thought to get a smooth curve.
As Steve says on Morinis the screws aren't for adjustment, just screw them down, but don't overtighten them.
Another point is it's a wet clutch so don't use heavy oil a decent 10W/40 is perfect.
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