12 Volts on the 250

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12 Volts on the 250

Postby jacks the lad » 02 May 2019 18:26

The 6V lights on my 2c work OK but are a bit on the feeble side, can they be upgraded to 12V? Various suggestions have been made from using the regulator from the larger bikes, using a different regulator all together or put a resister in the sense line (what value?). If this topic has been cover already maybe someone can point to it. Thanks
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Re: 12 Volts on the 250

Postby davel182 » 03 May 2019 16:47

My 2T has been converted using a Branson Powerbox rectifier/regulator but a 12V Ducati should work also (the alternator is similar to the larger bikes). Obviously it needs a 12V battery (although the Branson will work without one at all) and possibly horn and flasher unit. To be honest, even with 12V, the indicators are pretty feeble on a bright day.
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Re: 12 Volts on the 250

Postby EVguru » 05 May 2019 21:15

Looking at the circuit diagram, you should be able to convert the 6V regulator into a 12V one by placing the right value resistor into the brown sense wire fed from the ignition switch.

On the other hand, the lights on my 250 were quite adequate once I started fitting good quality headlamp bulbs. If the filament isn't in the right place, you don't get a beam pattern and many of the off brand bulbs are poorly made.
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