Supercharged Morini Drops to 2nd Fastest

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Supercharged Morini Drops to 2nd Fastest

Postby smotorboy » 21 Sep 2017 14:49

Hello all,

Some might remember the Supercharge Moto Guzzi that I discussed some time back as a worthy opponent for my Supercharge Morini racer.

Well, that bike is FAST, and it set a new USA National record of 124.1 mph at Bonneville 3 weeks ago....

I had planed on going to that event and run for the same record, however family and money issues dictated otherwise this year...

At least I know what I'm up against and the Mighty Morini would have come up a bit short had I gone. The best the Morini has done so far is 123.6 at El Mirage...

El Mirage is not Bonneville,,, conditions there are slower....

I applaud Mr. Noonan's fine effort . Well Done !

Robert in California
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