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Handlebar fairing

Postby robint » 29 Oct 2017 16:21

Having just acquired (and trial fitted) a handlebar fairing for my 78 Sport, I can concur with penman that fairing mounted mirrors are useless...... They also don't look quite right somehow.

Currently playing with cheaper end of Ebay mirrors, mounts and a different flasher unit (smaller bulbs in the fairing indicators) as well as an indicator warning light as now they aren't visible.

Also had to get longer headlamp brackets, tweak the existing angle brackets for the upper mounts, clean out the threads on the bottom yoke mounting, replace the screen bolts, get the headlamp the right height and modify the indicator wiring so now what seemed a straightforward job is proving a little more time consuming!! Oh and it needs painting 'Morini Red' to match the rest of the bike. However once complete then undoing 4 bolts should make a fairly simple removal for and future access.

Still I have a few dark and chilly nights ahead to complete the work and probably then decide it's not quite right.......
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Re: Handlebar fairing

Postby pikl » 25 Dec 2017 17:04

I had a 77' V35 Guzzi, and it had a somewhat similar fairing.
The stock mirrors were all broken plastic (a bit like old car mirrors). I've fitted standard round chromed ones. Because they were mounted high on the fairing, I could see everything behind me easily. It also did not look too wrong...

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