Lowering K2 footpegs

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Lowering K2 footpegs

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I've thoroughly enjoyed fettling my K2 into a fine road bike. But, I'm very tall and it's slightly smaller than I am, currently, flexible. Now I like yoga but it'll need a lot of practice!

So, lowering the pegs the necessary inch is simple, I've already made the brackets. Routing gear and brake pedals around the newly lowered levers is much more complex. Before I decide to seize the nettle as it were and cut and weld, does anyone have any other ideas? I've struggled to get a secondhand set of K2 rear brake/ gear levers which would have been my preference for the butchery I have in mind (although Tom might be my salvation here) but before I get the grinder out I thought I should ask if anyone' has found another way!


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