Milano out of hibernation

Anything to do with the 1200 Milano
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Milano out of hibernation

Post by MickeyMoto »

A nice ride out today. The Milano is proving to be a great bike. I need to adjust the suspension, but there is so much adjustment I don't know where to start! It is a light bike, I'm not 75 kilograms, apparently where the suspension has been set, but the bike is very firm. I think I'll wait a while whilst the suspension settles down.

I can see this bike replacing a 31/2 quite easily. I'll get the Sport out later in the week and see how it feels against the Milano.

The only downside so far is keeping the white wheels white!

Anybody else got one and their impressions?
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Mark N.I.
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Re: Milano out of hibernation

Post by Mark N.I. »

Hi Mike,

Glad to hear you have had the chance to get the milano out, weather is certainly improving, although we have snow forecast for Monday :shock:

They are a cracking looking bike, hopefully someday I'll see one in the flesh.

Milano and a 3 1/2 in the garage sounds perfect, not sure I could part with that garage
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corsaro chris
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Re: Milano out of hibernation

Post by corsaro chris »

Just had an interesting trip following a Milano...

Impressive, very impressive.

"I'll use the Morini"
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