Corsaro 1200 for parts

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Corsaro 1200 for parts

Postby franco82 » 08 Jan 2018 11:26


Last year I crashed my beloved 2012 Corsaro Veloce and now I decided, that I will not restore it. Therefore there are plenty of parts for sale. The bike was in great shape prior to accident, had 26tkm and had a front collision. The front part is screwed, so is the frame in the front. The back part is quite ok and the engine itself should be perfectly ok too (it shut off instantly during crash).

I would prefer to get rid of big parts first (engine, rear wheel, swingarm...). Throw in what you need and your idea about price and I will give you more details. I will hang the Corsaro this month and start taking the parts apart, as some of them are already booked. I will add detailed photos of parts during time. The pickup is available in north part of Czech Republic or I can send them via post.

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Re: Corsaro 1200 for parts

Postby mikebbikes » 22 Jan 2018 16:12

What parts do you have left? I might be interested in the lot.
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Re: Corsaro 1200 for parts

Postby Runner67 » 26 Jan 2018 15:19

Hi, Iam interested too, what you have left ? Whole engine ? Exhaust etc. Can you sent pictures from another side ?
Dashboard might be broken ?
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