Race exhausts / downpipes MM 500 two in one in stainless

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Race exhausts / downpipes MM 500 two in one in stainless

Postby Tom » 17 Jan 2018 10:34

Hello Morinisti di Angleterre!

I am offering for sale a custom made stainless two in one exhaust system specially made for a MM 500 racer. It's standard 35 mm pipe, but the inner pipe is 3 mm wider then the original set up, so should deliver a few more extra's in horse power. Also the exhaust nuts are included.

It is still new, never used, and it will safe you 5 kilo's on material in comparison to the original Morini exhaust system! The advange is that it is made of pieces of pipe that shift together and then hold by springs, so it's easy to take apart to do maintenaince on the bike.

It was made by the compagny Star Twin here in Holland, a well know Ducati specialist, and there was an article written about building the racer and exhaust in Big Twin magazine.

I got hold on the racer, because the plans to actually race it never set off, but now i am building it in to a standard 1978 Meastro street version.
The system has cost around 450 euro's to built according to writer of the article.

I am looking for 250 euro's exl. porto costs.

Oh yes, the stainless pipe looks somewhat faded but you can actually polish it to high gloss/ chrome effect.






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