‘79 31/2 Sport

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‘79 31/2 Sport

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My 31/2 Sport is up for sale.

Bought two years ago from Lusso Veloce (formerly NLM). Since then I’ve replaced the tyres ( Roadriders ), the silencers (Armours stainless, painted black), the shocks (NJB) and the carb needles. I’ve also changed the jets for smaller ones, refurbed the disc, fitted a new brake hose, re-furbed the master cylinder, put new seals in the forks and touched up the paintwork.

It’s in the original paint which is not great and the black on the engine needs going over. It doesn’t look as if the engines ever been apart and the mileage stands at 23,850Km, or just under 15,000 miles. I can’t guarantee that but it looks right, the bike was imported twenty years ago after being used in Italy and then seems to have done very few miles in this country.

It’s the electric start model which is great as I cannot kick it over left footed!

It’s a good starter and runs well but with some popping on the overrun since I changed the jets, probably need to go up a notch.

The simple fact is that it’s not getting ridden so it needs to go, plus I need the space.

With the money I’ve spent on it I’d like to see something over £3K to let it go but make me an offer.

I should say that I also have the factory fairing and leg shields plus some spares (wheels, clutch, electrics) which go with it if the price is right.
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PM me for more photos and a phone number.
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