Camel 1 help wanted

Camel 1 help wanted

Postby Tom » 13 Oct 2017 10:07

I am looking for the black plastic console/ speedo holder that goes on top of/ over the headlight of the Camel 1.

I have one, but it is in to bad condition to make a replica out of it.

And, i need a new rear fender 'Stilmotor', they aren't available from OLD CROSS. COM any more.

Last but not least, a set of 500 CAMEL stickers for the sidepanels, the ones in red.

These are the final parts i need to start the restauration of this sleeping beauty, so any help would be very welcome!

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Re: Camel 1 help wanted

Postby 'It must be a .....' » 14 Oct 2017 10:14

Hi Tom, try the following: ... e=transfer

Mk1 Camels have Stilmotor A203 front & A223 rear. CPF France (Moto Matcho) made exact copies; CP101 front & CP103 rear ... it_search=

Sorry can't help with the console/ speedo holder, mine isn't that great either. I think most people who bought Mk1 Camels new and used them off road removed/changed the speedo/lights console.
They look like they are vacuum moulded? so with a mould/buck they wouldn't be expensive to replicate, the other alternative is using
fibreglass, but again a mould is needed: how bad is the condition of yours?
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Re: Camel 1 help wanted

Postby Ming » 14 Oct 2017 11:41

I've had good results in rebuilding a smashed console using Q Bond (cyanoacrilic glue plus a filler powder). It's not expensive, easy to make a mould for missing parts but very quick-setting, so don't try to do it all in one go. It's also quite hard to file off any excess.
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Re: Camel 1 help/swap wanted

Postby Tom » 14 Oct 2017 12:39

Thanks guys for the help, the stickers i didn't know of, so will order a set of those, thank you very much!

I saw the Stilmotors at Horvath site, but they are the wrong color, and i know they were also made in white, old cross from Italy sold those a couple of years ago. Would be an option to buy one of the multicolored and then respray them in white, how difficult could that be?

Yes, the console. Well mine is not broken, but in some mysterious way, melted a bit. I can try to make a mold of some liquid gypsum/plaster out of it, but from there i will have to remold it and then, yes i totally agree, vacuum press it with 3 mm black plate which will be UV resistant in the end.

This is a project i have in mind if this quest will not succeed.

In the end i will have to sell this very unique example since i already have a camel one and 501 Camel.

If somebody is already interested, maybe swapping another (very) interesting Italian or British bike, please let me know!
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Re: Camel 1 help wanted

Postby huub » 14 Oct 2017 15:28

i bought the new fenders for my camel from
you might want to drop them a email
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Re: Camel 1 help wanted

Postby Tom » 15 Oct 2017 09:33

Sold out.
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Re: Camel 1 help wanted

Postby Sheikh » 19 Oct 2017 15:10


I'd like to get some original Stilmotor guards in white too.

I have no idea what the process would be (vacuum forming?) but if there was enough interest could we get some made? I have a pair of brand new Stilmotor guards in a crazy shade of green, which could be used as patterns.


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Re: Camel 1 help wanted

Postby harrymuffin » 19 Oct 2017 16:54

Why not make fibre glass female molds then lay up as many as you want using a white gel coat and white pigment for the lay up. The top surface would be as taken from the original mudguard and to finish the underneath use a film coat so you cannot tell it is fibre glass. I made copies of all the plastic bodywork of my bikes after having one of my bikes pinched and trashed just in case, includes two types of seat bases and two types of side panels.
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Re: Camel 1 help wanted

Postby Tom » 20 Oct 2017 12:27

Hi Guys,

Well, why not just paint the fenders in white, if they are available in other colors?
I mean, there is a lot of work to do already, and working with polyester is quite expensive too!

As for the console, maybe i am asking for the unobtainium, in that case there is no other alternative then to do the work to get the job done, but there for i will need a good example of the console to make an mould for it. Then i can make them in plenty... if all works out. But in order to make a negative, or mould to vacuum form an end result, i think i will have to sacrifice a console in order to ge the job done?
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